7 Steps to New Beginnings

lifestyle Jan 01, 2023

Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction, at any time.

In general, new beginnings give light to overcoming bad habits, achieving goals, getting rid of toxic parts in your life, adopting a healthy lifestyle, or maybe starting fresh after a big breakup.

A new start is always energizing, motivating, and encouraging. So, if you're starting your day, month or year off with a new beginning, then this blog is for you!

First thing’s first, you must remind yourself that your life is journey. Your past is there for lessons to be learned, your future is for goals, dreams and planning, and your present-moment is where the magic happens. But, it’s not always as easy as it seems. In order to be clear about your fresh start, you have to have clarity which is often found by creating time with yourself, sitting in silence, journaling, meditating, taking walks without your phone or any distractions. It takes you connecting deep within yourself to get the answers of what the best “next steps” are for you.

Here are 7 tips to help you embrace this part of your life’s journey. I can almost promise you that it won’t be your last time with a new beginning.

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail - you’ll never grow if you don’t try new things. Everybody fails - that’s where the learning lessons are in life. Failing is actually where you grow, evolve and make the changes necessary in your next steps. Expect to fail, make sure to learn from, and embrace, the experience.
  2. Find the good - the world is filled with negativity (the news, media, sometimes people around you). Don’t let your thought patterns automatically find the bad. Focus on changing your thought patterns to finding something good in every single situation. It takes time, but with repetition and consistency, you’ll start to automatically find the good and this will help you transition with every new beginning.
  3. Accept change - learn to enjoy the challenge of stepping outside your comfort zone. In order to grow in your life and achieve your goals you need to accept the changes around you. It’s important for you to embrace your new beginning in a completely different way.
  4. Stop trying to be perfect - Nothing and nobody is perfect. It’s important to put all of your effort towards your new beginning, while knowing that perfection doesn’t exist. Go to bed each night feeling confident that you’ve learned lessons from the day, put in hard work and everything will fall into place as it should.
  5. Become a morning person - It’s important to start your mornings with yourself. Enjoy your morning routine of meditating, journaling, moving your body and connecting to your intention for the day. In order to create this time, it’s ideal for you to wake up slightly earlier before the rest of the world needs you. Take your time waking up 5 minutes earlier each week until you’ve given yourself a full thirty minutes to an hour all by yourself. This is a game changer. (HINT: often we need an earlier bedtime in order to successfully have an earlier wake time)
  6. Celebrate every small achievement - Small wins deserve celebrations and they keep you motivated to keep going! Every accomplishment should be celebrated as you journey through your new beginnings.
  7. Be confident - Once you’ve made a decision, be confident in it and stick with it. Be proud of each step you take knowing you’re moving in the right direction.

All new beginnings have their challenges. It’s part of life to have ups and downs. Do your best to stick to following these tips. Know that you’ll have moments of failure, which will allow you to reflect, learn and grow. Train your mind to find the good in every situation while you accept changes that happen all around you. Understand that there is no such thing as perfection. You are perfectly imperfect and as you create new beginnings for yourself make sure to create time for yourself too - this is where you create more clarity of your wants, dreams, and desires. And along the way, celebrate every single win, big or small, while being confident in the direction you’re going.

Change is always happening in and around you. Allow yourself to thrive through all the transitions and celebrate as you evolve into the beautiful human you were born to be.


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