Why cleansing our emotions is important to our overall health

Cleansing our Emotions

May 01, 2022

Emotions are one of life’s gifts; they offer us a way to experience the full spectrum of what it means to be alive. To feel! When you have a healthy relationship to your emotional experience, you can appreciate what each has to offer, from sadness to anger to joy.

Feelings come in waves, often appearing out of the blue, triggered by a memory, words someone said, pictures, songs or experiences. The more we are trying to reign them in, suppress or ignore them, the stronger and more persistent they get — if not in the moment then sometime later, even after many years. 

Daily Stressors

Emotions come into play with your daily lives. Your day to day life will always have demands that pop up and it’s how you respond to them that reflects what kind of emotional baggage you may be carrying. Was your response angry? Frustrated? Hopeless? Disgusted?

Many of us repress our emotions or get stuck in a certain phase. When you are hurt by someone or something it is easiest to ignore it and suppress it deep within or to get angry.  Anger is a strong emotion that can make you feel in control and powerful so it’s hard to move away from anger to the other more vulnerable emotions like grief. It also takes little to no work at all to draw out your anger; but to forgive, to experience and release, that takes lots of work to accomplish.

What are Emotional Cleanses?

Just as a physical cleanse can help you digest food better; an emotional cleanse can help you digest your emotional experiences. Emotions can get stuck due to trauma, unhealthy attachments, or resistance to certain emotions — usually because we don’t have the tools to handle them. 

An emotional cleanse is not meant to rid your body of what you may consider negative emotions in general, but rather to clear out the ones that have stagnated. Stagnant emotions are the heavy weight holding you down.

An emotional cleanse, or detox, is similar to the way you’d cleanse your body, only it’s for your emotions. An emotional cleanse brings you back to your true self and away from all the outside distractions. It purges your stagnant emotions so that you can feel better and hear your own inner voice. By removing the negative baggage based in fear, anger, sadness, disgust, and envy you create room to add more joy, love, trust, kindness and wellbeing.  This also results in achieving inner peace which is an amazing reward for all of your hard work!

It will not only help you feel better emotionally but physically as well. Your emotions are linked to your physical body. If you have too many negative thoughts, eventually your body will alert you to this by not functioning optimally and giving you aches and pains to get your attention (this literally just happened to me).


Learn from Your Emotions

Emotional storms can be a reaction to a present circumstance or be triggered by memories of the past. But, however they came about, emotions contain messages about ourselves and our lives. When things have settled, investigate your feelings with an attitude of question and compassion. For example:

What has brought on the feeling? What does it show me? What is not yet resolved? Is the feeling stopping me from moving forward? What do I need to attend to? What can I learn about myself and other people involved?

Goodbye stagnant, negative emotions…

The best way to prepare for an emotional cleanse is to start by supporting your physical body. Things like daily movement, staying hydratedgetting enough sleepeating clean, and limiting alcohol and caffeine. Pretty much preparing your physical body through a healthy lifestyle. Once you have done the preparation, you can try this 3-step process:

1. Clear

This is about making space so that you can, more clearly, work with your emotions. An important part of this step is to notice what triggers you, and where you become especially reactive in your life. Once you notice what sets off your sympathetic nervous system, (that fight or flight sensation), you can begin to find ways to calm yourself down. It is best to find things that stimulate your vagus nerve through exercise, yoga, prayer, hugging, or laughter.

2. Look Inward

The difference between self-reflection and self-awareness is with self-reflection is a mental process, and self-awareness is a sensory process. This is all about looking inward which is about bridging the gap, standing up to your inner bully (ego), and letting yourself feel the quiver while allowing yourself to receive the blessing of your raw emotions. The way to create a bridge between the two (ego and self) is to create a healthy dialogue with your body, noticing the sensations of your body as feedback to respectful self-inquiry.

3. Let it Go

This step is about creating a relationship with the present moment, releasing fear, and creating internal boundaries. The letting-go process is not about getting rid of reactivity…it’s about transforming it into something new. To some this may sound different, but sound therapy is a real thing. You can say the word: “hum” in a long, slow sound as a way to let go of reactive sensations and create a sense of safety, stability, and strength.


Emotional detoxes are enhanced by increasing access to emotions. The key is to be open to them. When you lower your levels of reactivity to emotions and experiences, you will be more willing to experience the depths of your current emotions, which will allow you to have an authentic experience of your life, and a deeper connection with the people in it.

A few other things that are good to keep in mind during an emotional cleanse is to:

  1. During an emotional cleanse, Eliminate Social Media. Even this one simple act will relieve so much pressure. Social media is such a habit these days that you don’t always notice how it makes you feel. You get brought into other peoples’ lives and problems when you allow yourself to be on social media many times a day. It can cause you to feel bad. By eliminating all forms of social media, it will have a very strong beneficial effect on you. It will allow you to connect with your heart and what you truly want, not what everyone else is doing.
  2. Find the Positive throughout each day (while letting go of the negativity). If this is not your norm that is ok. That just means this emotional cleanse will help you a lot and train your brain to focus on what you want which will make you feel better. If a negative emotion comes up and has a lot of momentum it will be hard to stop. In this case, allow it to pass. Don’t get upset with yourself for having it. Just allow it and move on. Once it moves out, think of everything you are Grateful for.
  3. Try to Meditate more during your emotional cleanse. It works wonders to help you to stay in a high vibration. If you are having a difficult time sticking to the cleanse just simply do a meditation and it can help clear the resistance. Guided meditations are good for this too. You can find a ton of them online or listen to apps like insight timer or headspace.

As we get closer to a new decade (Hello 2020!!!!), let emotional cleaning come into your life. This will help you start the new year with a stronger connection to yourself and help you set stronger intentions of where you want to see your life go. Happy Cleansing!

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