Do you really need to detox your body with lemon and activated charcoal

Do You Really Need to Detox?

Nov 22, 2021

What length will you go to cleanse your body? Is it worth it?

This is such a touchy topic! We really hear it all…some people are completely against detoxing, while others detox through juice cleanses, some through colonics, or water fasts, and there are even products that help in the detoxing, and eliminating, process. The options can become endless. The truth is, I am a big proponent for every person figuring out on their own what works best for their bodies. We are all so unique in our own ways. What feels good to me, won’t necessarily be the same for you.

However, one thing stands true – our bodies are ALWAYS naturally detoxing. They are made to detox through our organs. The Liver, Kidneys, GI Tract, Colon, Lungs and Skin are constantly working hard to let go of the toxicity while assimilating the beneficial parts of foods we put in our bodies.

Did you know our brains are even working to detox (crazy, right!)? We digest information through our senses, brain and our body. We are meant to detox what no longer serves us. We are meant to let go of negative experiences, once we have processed them, so that we don’t create trauma, or stagnant energy within our bodies. Isn’t that amazing!?! Our Minds and Bodies are completely connected.

Is Modern World Getting in the Way of our Bodies Detox Process?

While the human body is so amazing as it is, our modern world has its downfalls. We all are so busy and quick on the go, often grabbing those convenient, yet filled with chemicals, gmo’s and preservative FOODS. Not to mention our skincare and make up that is LOADED (yes, I said it) with unhealthy chemicals that get absorbed straight through our skin and near our Thyroid. Have you ever thought about how polluted our air and water is? The water you use to shower, wash your hands, clean your food, bath your kids (I have a post coming soon with solutions – not to worry) …Toxins are literally EVERYWHERE!

As a result, toxins start to build up in our body and we start to feel heavier and it manifests in accelerated aging which shows in many forms: dullness to our complexion, wrinkles, inability to grow healthy hair, lower energy, feeling down, bloated, spacey – brain fog, trouble with sleeping or even insomnia.

If you take a look inside your body you will see blood flowing and space within – also thought of as energy. That space can get filled up with heavy metals and chemicals that weigh our bodies down. It can create that heavy, lethargic, stuck feeling. When our bodies are cleansed and light, we are able to be more receptive to creativity within our lives, be more flexible physically and mentally and naturally flow. We don’t want to be weighed down, we want to get to our fullest potential.

Keeping Up with The Toxins…

Our bodies can’t keep up with the natural detoxification process. We are completely overloaded. Detoxing on a deeper level than what our bodies do on their own can be completely necessary. It’s a way to tap into our highest potential for health, wellness, energy, beauty and digestion. A way to feel our absolute best! Can’t we all use a little more energy?

When you are helping your body rid those extra toxins you are creating space for energy, healing and digestion.

The best way to stay on top of this cleansing process is becoming more aware of the food you are putting in your body. Whole, real, organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and whole grains. If you eat meat, make sure you are fully aware of where it is sourced (that’s another topic coming soon). Choose organic whenever possible. Check out your Farmers Markets, become aware of the sourcing, not only for the meat you are eating, but also the coffee or tea you are drinking.


Find Out for Your SELF

You are your own scientific experiment! Focusing on the food you put IN is a great start, but also try to maximize your bodies detoxification potential to get OUT all of those “uncontrollable” factors we encounter each day. Maybe that is through a juice cleanse or throwing some charcoal powder in your filtered water that you drink throughout the day. You could use a product (check out the sourcing and how clean the ingredient list is) that helps with the elimination process. Above all, stay hydrated with clean water!

Truth is…I love them all. I have personally enjoyed the benefits of a 3 day juice cleanse. The amount of energy I have on that fourth day is really unbelievable!! However, I don’t always feel up for just having juice for three days, so having clean smoothies loaded with only fruits, vegetables, and filtered water is another great way to cleanse the body – not only with its nutrients but also by keeping out heavy doses of proteins and still taking in the benefits of fiber.

Our bodies were made to keep us healthy, so let’s work with them to feel our absolute best!!

Let me know what you think! How do detoxes work for your mind and body? Write below and share your experiences.

In love and gratitude,

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