How clarity can change your life

Gaining CLARITY can Change your Life!

lifestyle May 01, 2022

How does CLARITY really change your life?

Well, let me tell you…it doesn’t matter what path you’re on. In fact, we are all on our own journey, walking different paths that cross over and in between, but one thing remains the same within each of us. We all want to LIVE OUR BEST LIFE! Am I right?

Nobody wants to be stressed, anxious, insecure, lost, depressed or unfulfilled.

We all have a purpose in this crazy world. You have your own unique qualities and gifts to share, but when we are running around constantly going, doing and achieving – similar to a hamster on their wheel; with the same thoughts and actions every day – we aren’t giving ourselves time to BE. Time to think or connect to our true authentic self.

When you are clear about what makes you happy, healthy, and purposeful, you can be happy, healthy, and filled with purpose. Imagine your life with less confusion and doubt. Clarity makes everything easier and better but getting there requires change and commitment, especially if you’re busy, distracted and overwhelmed.

Real change doesn’t happen overnight.

If you’re looking for short term fixes, then you’ll get short term results. True, consistent change takes time. You have to be willing to commit to gaining clarity to begin this journey of growth and evolution for yourself. And, once you gain clarity, you’ll never look back. You’ll continue to search for clarity as your path changes and transitions come your way.

You have something special to offer the world. You just have to take the time to really get to know yourself, so that you can start to BE your authentic self and show up to life with your gifts.

So, how do you get CLARITY?

Well, if you know me…my first answer would be MEDITATE!


However, I know that a lot of people aren’t ready to learn how to meditate, and that’s okay.

As part of my Be.Live.Change Mentorship, we start the entire first session learning how to connect within and be more clear about personal whys, wants, needs,  desires – creating Intentions. This is the groundwork to successfully achieving your goals and dreams.

It’s important, when you are wanting to make some changes in your life, that you set out for self-discovery to uncover what you truly want – and that’s what we do!

We tap into your MINDBODY connection and tune into what YOU want or need in your life, rather than following something just because you see it working for someone else on social media or it’s being advertised as “healthy”.

Fads come and go, but when you find what really works for you in your own life – it sticks!

Here is my 3-Step Process to help you connect deeper within yourself so that you can gain more clarity on how to live a more purposeful life.

Step One

Create – This step is the main step of the entire process. It may seem like a lot at first, but once you make this process a part of your daily lifestyle, it becomes a “habit” or a gift that keeps giving.

  •  Connect
  •  Observe
  •  Write
  •  Plan
  •  Practice

Start each day, or find a time that works best for you, with a few minutes of sitting down, closing your eyes and just breathing. This short practice, of connecting, will help you clear your mind and give you space to think. It helps you create more awareness of what you really want.

Then, take a minute to observe your thoughts, feelings and any physical sensations that came up during that time of connecting within. This is not a time for judgement, attachment or following a thought to the end. It’s simply a moment to become more aware or mindful of what went on within your mind and body in that short period of time.

After observing, take another few minutes to write it down {pen to paper – no electronics}. Write to physically get out the words, thoughts, emotions that were on your mind.


Now, you are setting Intentions by creating a plan! Planning is the transition point between observing and doing. It’s all about verbalizing your intention and getting ready to take action. When you are creating a plan, make sure to ask yourself how this action of yours can be done easily enough, so that you can achieve it every day or every week. Make it achievable and realistic.

Then, after those 10 minutes of your 24-hour day (that’s me expressing the short period of time it takes to “create”), you practice by putting your plan into action! Practicing is all about taking everything you observed and established as important and putting it into daily action.

In order to create change, I always suggest making one small new habit at a time.  Practice this new daily action for as long as it takes for it to become fully integrated into your life to the point of it feeling and being second nature. That’s what an actual habit is. Don’t judge yourself in the process. This is YOUR life. There is only one you! It could take you a few weeks or a few months. All that matters is that you put the work in.

Step Two

Check-In – doing this daily is really important as you are making changes in your life. This step takes less than 5 minutes every day and will help you explore how this new activity or change is working for your mind, body and soul.

When you are checking in with yourself; you are essentially asking two questions and listening very clearly to what your answer is. Not only listening to the words in your mind, but the physical reactions in your body. Never second guess the first thoughts and feelings that come up. This connection grows deeper with time. It’s known as your intuition.

Question #1: How do I want to feel today?

This can be a simple word answer. You may want to feel empowered, energized, focused, calm… Just giving focus on the main way you want to feel today.

Question #2: What do I need to put my attention on today, to get the most reward?

With the change you are making – what’s something you can focus on today in order to make sure you are committing to your new practice? It may be as simple as drinking more water, it might be more challenging by making time for your afternoon meditation practice. It can be anything you need.

Throughout the day, check in with yourself and see how you’re aligning your daily actions with what your initial Intention was set out to do.

Step Three

Change & Commit

As you create change in your life, it will be normal to experience friction.

Just by using the Daily Check-In practice, you’ll begin noticing when you aren’t acting in alignment with your new habit that you’re creating. That’s when you can go back to your CREATE part of the process to explore more behind your why.

If you see your old habits creeping in with reactions of stress, unhealthy mindset or anything that doesn’t serve you – that is your moment to stop, become aware and use the 3-Step Process

Create, Check-In, Change & Commit to Gain Clarity

Doing this consistently will lead you towards a lifestyle that fuels your purpose and brings out the best in you.

What you focus on grows, so don’t get stuck on the negative during the transition of making powerful changes in your life. Acknowledge the struggles, use CREATE and then move through it with your eyes set on the long-term goal with positive actions that take you closer to your vision.


This is how you become clear on what you want to accomplish or change in your life. When you tackle them at your own pace, one at a time, you end up creating a lifestyle that supports your total well-being!

If you’re interested in my Mentorship program, we take this process to another level – diving deep to create change.

I hope you are able to enjoy this process that truly is the first step to changing your life!

With so much love,


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