My stress that led to sickness…

Nov 22, 2021

Most of us have a pretty high level of stress in our lives. As we try to juggle everything in our lives successfully – career, hobbies, spouses, children, finances…we are stressed to the max.

Stress is a deeply ingrained human response. Back in the day, it served as a very valuable means of keeping ourselves safe by generating the fight or flight response when we were presented with danger – life threatening danger. Today, our bodies have the same exact response even though we are rarely protecting our lives. When we experience this stress whether it is physical, psychological or emotional our immunity takes a hit.

Here is the truth… I am sitting in bed feeling sick as a dog. It’s day three of not feeling well and it is so frustrating. I usually fight these things off quickly and it is just not happening this time. This cold is trying to take me down hard.

It was Tuesday morning and I was proudly conquering my organized, and full, to-do list. The same way I emailed you last week, on the best ways to handle your to-do lists without them getting you to that overwhelmed and anxious moment. I got that part covered (wink wink)! I had meditated, got my kiddos out the door with a healthy breakfast, walked my dog while listening to my favorite podcast (Infinite Potential by Deepak Chopra), ate my normal, healthy start-to-the-day foods and then Life. Got. Stressful! Well, life became more demanding in a moments time. Between work, juggling being a mom, all of the “end of the year” activities (did I mention I was room mom), taking care of extended family members, home projects and repairs. The list goes on. I totally reacted with stress in a specific situation! I always prefer to respond rather than react, but my stress got the best of me that day. Do you ever over-fill your plate? I am known to do that at times…I somehow think I can manage it all – false reality. I have to imagine I am not alone on this.

My own advice?

If I were talking to you, I would totally insist you get lots of sleep, focusing on your breath throughout the day, make sure you get in that second meditation each day, and eat super clean foods that will nourish your body. Did I take my own advice? Not this time.

I didn’t utilize my breathwork, overdosed on some caffeine to get me through and then opened the bag of scrumptious popcorn. Might I add that this popcorn was organic, cooked with coconut oil, sugar and Himalayan salt, yada, yada, yada. At the end of the day, it was still loaded with sugar – and I ate just about the entire bag. What was I thinking? The caffeine totally threw my nervous system hay-wire and had my anxiety on over drive…thanks a lot, you delicious, warm cozy cup of #*&%! It didn’t help that I followed that cup with an overdose of sugar – ugh, it really took me down. On top of all of that, I didn’t take a moment to mediate in the afternoon or use any breathwork to help me get through these tough moments. I just fed into the chaos. I started feeling heavy and exhausted. I could feel my body weakening…my head hurt, my body ached, and I was out for the night. The stress, caffeine and sugar took me down…and before I knew it my immune system was shot.


Looking back, I can see that I wasn’t being mindful or allowing my awareness and knowledge to help me make better decisions during this hectic time in my life. Instead, I was living in the moment of stress and I allowed it to take over. I gave into all of the things that I know will not lead me to a better place. I allowed myself to get caught up in the moment of a stressful situation. I am far from perfect. We are all working each day to get better, grow and become the best version of ourselves. So, as I sit here not feeling well, I reflect. I look back on how I could have made better choices to deter my stress, react better, utilize my breathwork and then, I quickly move forward. However, I will say…if it weren’t for me getting sick, I probably wouldn’t have rested the way I did.

If you are focused on the past, you are depressed. If you are worried about the future, you are anxious. If you are living in the present, then you are at peace.

My Plan to Health

So, I accepted my present moment. Maybe this was my excuse to rest? I probably needed that. I worked from my bed and vowed to drink lots of water. In fact, I started writing this on Tuesday, and now it’s Sunday! So throughout this week, I constantly put Ionic Zinc in my lemon water, took Oregano Oil like a champ (that stuff is S.T.R.O.N.G), slept like it was my job, ate tons of juicy fruits, meditated daily, sat in my sauna, had a visit at IV Lounge for an infusion of the Vita Wellness blend with additional Vitamin C, and I am just about back to life!

The best part was putting my work aside and relaxing on the couch with the kids and watching TV shows that they like or devoting more time to Scott…because life had to slow down. It made me slow down…and focus on what mattered most: my family and my health.

Feeling “normal” has never felt so good! We all probably take advantage of our health and energy. I am truly so grateful for it. It is amazing how we all can be a victim of a cold, flu or even worse viruses that are out there. We just have to surrender, rest and fuel our body the best we can. Allow our body to detox naturally and then be grateful for our health every day moving forward.

Out with the stress and back to a balanced, healthy lifestyle!!!

I am so glad to be back! What helps you when you’re sick?If you are interested in living a healthy, holistic lifestyle through nutrition, movement, mediation, breathwork and more, be sure to follow me on InstagramFacebook .

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