How a Meditation Practice Helps with this Crisis meditation May 01, 2022

The past few weeks we have all seen an increase in mental tension, anxiety, and fear. The COVID-19 virus is a crisis unlike anything most people have experienced – ever!

News stories and posts on social media flood your awareness with the mind-polluting toxicities of worry,...

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Meditation: The Best Way to Start Your Day meditation Nov 22, 2021

Curious how to start your day in a way that allows your best self to shine through?

That doesn’t mean you will always be cheerful and vibrant…we all have off days. But, doesn’t it feel good to show up to situations each day with a clear mind, creativity and compassion?...

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How Meditation Can Improve Your Life meditation Nov 22, 2021

Yes…Yes, I know – Meditation has become a cool thing to do, and rightfully so. There are so many amazing ways for each of us to bring meditation into our lives. Some people may consider a walk on the beach a form of meditation, or cooking in the kitchen while listening to their...

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