Hey there! I'm Rachel.

Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Meditation Teacher.  I’m truly grateful that you found me - or that we found each other!

Through my years of education, teaching and working with clients, what I've discovered is that everything is connected and our struggles, our imperfections, our gifts and our purpose - it’s all part of the journey and it’s molding us to be the best version of ourselves so we can experience more joy, inner peace and help create the shift within.

I’ve also realized that each and every one of us has vibrant energy and a deep authentic purpose beneath all the layers of our stress, tension, neglect and feelings of unworthiness. And once we can connect to our awareness, listen to our bodies and start to embody our life's purpose we can heal ourselves, our communities, and our world.

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“I believe that anyone can live their best life if they are given the proper tools, understand the importance of feeding their body nourishing foods, learn techniques to calm their mind and recognize that their lifestyle choices are directly related to their well-being and quality of life."

I started with a passion of understanding how food impacts our mindbody at an early age (high school). It fueled me for many years, and still does.  However, I quickly learned, through my own struggles, that there was more to being healthy than eating clean, real food. Although this was extremely important to me, meditation, breathwork and movement became a key addition to living my best life. I was thankful that my mom introduced me to meditation back in 2000, and I was able to take those meditation tools with me throughout the years. It helped me get through the stress and anxiety that came with loss of loved ones - my best friend and my dad, and all the other “stuff”. It wasn’t until 9 years ago that I became immersed in my DAILY meditations and saw the most amazing, positive impacts it had on my life.


A Little More About Me...


I dedicate my life to sharing my knowledge, as I continue to learn too, through teaching, speaking, workshops, video courses and the Nourished Membership. 

My philosophy is simple. It's about embodying your own empowerment, connecting with your authentic self - your real inner truth of who you are when the labels are taken away. Learning to connect to your mind, body and soul to live your most vibrant, happy and healthy life.

Currently, my husband and I have two children and love living in the sunny state of Florida. I love being a mom, living a clean and holisitic lifestyle that I hope to pass on to my children - while teaching them to connect to their mindbody, understand how to properly fuel their bodies without being tricked by modern marketing and finding their breath while managing their little stresses in life. I believe in being a forever student and I’m always continuing my education on a regular basis so that I can continue to share my knowledge and help people find their own way to living their healthiest, best life.

My Recipe for a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Filling our Bodies with Real Food
    Eating foods that are organic, healthy and clean will change how you feel and look! Beauty from the inside out comes from real, fresh food. Fresh fruits, veggies, complex grains, nuts & seeds, sprouts and clean water are the key ingredients to detoxify and fuel your body all at once.
  • Breath and Meditation
    These practices will heal our nervous system, help us become more conscious, more compassionate, creative, and flowing in life just as we were meant to be. Breathwork and Meditation are some of the main ingredients for living a healthy lifestyle. It changed my life and I know it can change yours too!
  • Movement
    What happens when we stop moving? Our bodies become achy, we are more easily prone to injuries and then our immune system is working extra hard on recovery, rather than working on digesting and absorbing all of that real food you are eating! We need to energize our body, exercise our heart, massage our organs so we properly detox our bodies. Even a brisk 30 minute walk can create a big change! Even better….do it outdoors to ground yourself with nature.
  • Gratitude
    Do something good for someone else. Find gratitude every day. Laugh, don’t take yourself so seriously - life is too short! Enjoy the little things. We all have a choice in every moment of every day on how we want to perceive a situation. We can look at the negative points or focus only on the positive ones. We have the power to have gratitude and be happy.
  • Create Healthy Habits
    Our brains are so powerful. We are powerful too! Throw out those bad habits that are holding you back and replace them with Healthy Habits that will help you create your best life!

I teach and help guide you with all of this in my Nourished membership which is designed to help you create healthier daily habits that reduce your stress, increase your performance and improve your overall health and happiness. Click the link below to learn more.

I Need This!

My Nourished Membership can help you show up in your life with more clarity, peace, health and happiness. To be living in this ever changing world today, you need to build a strong foundation within yourself, that can help you feel truly Nourished inside and out - and that is something I’d love to help guide you to as well.

It’s time to connect to the real you and start living your beautifully Nourished  life. I’m so excited for YOU to step into your POWER and shine bright as you create change within.

With love and gratitude,


"I am so grateful to have met Rachel. I have learned so much about how to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. I have more energy and so much more awareness of how food affect my body. She was so kind and extremely informative. It was such a great experience that I have continued to carry with me."

- AMANDA S. | Nutritional Services

"I reached out to Rachel in the midst of the pandemic because I had seen the great results a close friend of mine had achieved from her interactions with Rachel the previous year. My goals were to lose weight and eat healthier. I achieved and surpassed my goals with Rachel’s assistance. Her program is easy to follow and makes sense. Rachel was always available to answer any questions. It is clear that she believes in what she does. As my friend said to me: "Rachel is beautiful inside and out."

- NANCY J. | Mentorship Program